Large and open spaces that are flooded with light
Quality of construction is evident
Challenge your buddies to a 'friendly' game of 9 ball...
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The history of Ginter involves many names integral to Richmond
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The Club Room Provides a great place to relax
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The Memorial Chapel at Ginter is a powerful feature that helps give the project depth of character. Learn More
Getting your mail on a rainy day is easy at Ginter
The Memorial Chapel helps tell the story of the building's history
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Great architecture should be powerful, yet inviting
The lobby at Ginter Place captures the distinctively 'retro' feel
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Ginter's setting is one of the best in Richmond
Say 'Hello' to your fellow residents relaxing in the lobby
The baths at Ginter are truly spectacular
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Ginter does outdoor space well

Ginter Place is a unique combination of history and quality due to the great bones with which the original hospital was built.  Architecturally interesting spaces and common areas with texture make Ginter a beautiful place to live.