One South Realty

One South is the premier mixed-use firm in the Richmond Metro. Our agents have skill sets that apply in both the urban and suburban marketplaces.

In January of 2008, the One South Realty Group opened its doors.

What had been an informal association of high producing agents and development teams finally became formalized and One South Realty was born. With seasoned agents who brought with them an extensive experience base rooted in construction, development, residential sales, commercial sales and leasing, OSRG has quickly become one of the premier brokerages in the entire Richmond Metro area.

One South's belief in progressive print and web design changed the way RVA real estate was marketed.

While focusing on progressive marketing techniques to better deliver more powerful visual materials designed to create results, OSRG has grown quickly into the teeth of a market going through a fundamental change. Utilizing extensive “e” techniques and a powerful web presence and combining it with the Richmond Metro’s most knowledgeable agents, OSRG was created to serve the needs of an increasingly astute buying and selling public.

Each and every agent at OSRG brings a passion for Richmond and the many unique neighborhoods that define our fair city. Whether working with buyers or sellers both in the City of Richmond and in its suburban areas, OSRG can help buyers and sellers make the intelligent decisions to required to achieve their goals.