The Developers

When the name ‘Ukrop’ is mentioned to someone from Richmond, they immediately think of customer service, quality products, clean stores and a Richmond success story of the highest order.

Ginter Place is lucky to call the Ukrop family an owner.  The Ukrop name in many ways synonymous with Richmond and their dedication to the city, from the redevelopment of its many historical buildings and the nurturing of its cultural arts scene to their boundless support of athletic competiton, is well documented.

As part of the original development team, the Ukrop family, led by Ted Ukrop and development partner, Edwin Gaskin (Echelon Resources), has supplied financial strength and steady leadership thorough financial times that hurt many developers.  This solid financial footing has created an environment where the Owner’s Association is well funded and decisions are made with high regard to not only the current owners, but future ones as well.